Out of country

Dear buyers and sellers who has an open transaction with me.
I am currently out of the country for about two and a half months,
all packages that has been paid has been shipped according to the date that paypal has provided to you,
there shouldn't be any open transaction with me except if you are late in payment, in which case, you will have to wait for me until I get back. I have tried my best to arrange all of my transaction to end about a month before I go out of the States, so if there is any delayed payment I hope you can give me time as I have tried my best to wait for the delayed payment.
I have plenty of feedback on the database and I have it on ebay too, I will not just suddenly disappear on you (except if, God forbid, there is an unfortunate event that happened to me.)

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Hello everyone, I am currently out of state so if you haven't received any reply from me that's probably why. I don't have a lot of internet access here so please forgive me.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Internet DOWN!

My internet has been down (I am currently at a library) due to a snow storm. :(
For those of you who has been trying to reach me or is trying to reach me, I am very sorry but I will have it fixed ASAP! Q_Q
All dresses from previous sales has been sent out, if the tracking is not working yet please don't worry, the post office will have it sent, its just that they are verrry slow due to Christmas time.

Angelic Pretty Sale Dessert Cutsew, Cherry Berry Bunny JSK, Wonder Party JSK, Cinderella JSK, etc!

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Now that the boring words are done, lets move on to the pretty  laces and ruffles!

Angelic Pretty Dessert Cutsew $70 OBO NEW!

Cherry Berry Bunny $320+shipping OBO

Cinderella JSK Open for Best Offer:
Bust: 30-38 in
Waist: 22-36 in

Wonder Party Open for Best Offer

Angelic Pretty Strawberry Sweet Jam (Pink) worn once no flaw
$190 160 +Shipping OBO
Length:50cm, Waist: 60cm-70cm


Innocent World's crown skirt with bustle back $170 140 NEW
Lots of soft tulle (?) fabric with gorgeous embroidery.


Liz Lisa Bolero Open for Best Offer or Trade
Could be used for lolita style with mori influence

Thank you for looking,
have a nice day!

For some reason Livejournal does not send email to me when someone is commenting to my post but I will keep on monitoring this post for a few days, after that, please PM me for sale.